Friday, August 29, 2014

Yesterday: Water; Today: Eggplant

Yesterday's goal went very well.  I dutifully drank my water (as I do every day) at breakfast and in the car on my way to work. These two times are habits I established years and years ago, and though I do sometimes forget my water bottle on my way out the door, I am pretty good with those two times. 

I have also worked re-filling the water bottle into my routine, though I almost always forget to drink it.  But not yesterday.  Because it was my goal of the day, I grabbed it at 12:39 when I realized I had missed most of lunch time, and went outside.  There was this weird glowing ball in a beautiful blue sky.  Fluffy white clouds drifted past the ball from time to time.  The air was balmy and 82 degrees.  Could it be sunshine?  My star(s)!  I drank my water and did not stay out for too long, but, it felt good.

I re-filled the bottle and drank it on my way home at 8:30 pm. (boo) I nearly forgot the drive home water as usual, but remembered when I was about 15 minutes into my drive and thinking about how I might manage to wait for some chicken tenders to cook without gorging myself on breakfast cereal.  (Answer: gum.)

So, score one for me!

Today's goal is to use up some eggplant from the farm share this week.  I struggle to find recipes that I actually feel like making and eating, other than ratatouille.  I'd like to have another go-to under my belt, and hopefully it won't be loaded in cheese or breaded and fried!  It is probably asking too much, but it would be really nice if my better half would eat it too...but I'll settle for something healthy and yummy (to me).

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