Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Yesterday: Track Before Eating; Today: Something Active

Yesterday's goal was to track before eating, and I successfully met this goal!  Yay me!  I don't have much time for specifics as I am going to be late for work, but trust me, this is a good one and it will be used again.

Today's Goal:  Do Something!  Anything!
Wednesdays are tough for me because I usually get up early to do a great yoga session before work.  After work, I pick up fresh veggies from a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) share, and I like to get them prepped for use.  This takes at least an hour and sometimes two.  So I never go to the gym.  Top this off with added stress at work this week as I catch up from my time off, and its a no-exercise disaster.  I can't promise anything on this one folks.  But even if I go to my yoga class, I suppose I'll tally one for me. Hopefully I can do more...

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