Sunday, August 31, 2014

Yesterday: Pictures of Food; Today: Schedule It

Yesterday's goal was to take pictures of my food before eating it.  It's something that has been suggested by others, but not something I have ever tried.  I did succeed in following through on this goal, all for you, my loves.  I must say, I grew tired of doing this and definitely would not have stuck with it had it not been specifically tagged as my goal for the day.  So, I allowed a loophole - if it had no points, I didn't have to photograph it.  The no point foods in Weight Watchers are fruits, most vegetables, and diet soda or other items with zero calories.  The fact that I did not have to photograph something did have the effect of making it a more appealing choice to me.  If you are a fanatic facebooker or instagram person, I imagine you would not have found photos of food so cumbersome, but I think, whether you like pictures or not, this tactic does improve mindfulness.

In addition, this tactic reduces the tendency for "selective memory".  As an experiment, I attempted to remember the food I had eaten and to track it this morning.  I planned to splurge for this day, and splurge I did.  Even with attempts to eat healthy, such as picking chicken and salad for the main course, and dutifully removing the (delicious) skin, I had a staggering number of points.  I remembered these healthy choices, and a few of the less healthy ones, but I missed the smigde of bacon and pea pasta salad, a helping of chips, and one beer.  This totaled 13 points, about half my daily allowance in one day!

I will definitely have to focus on food this week.  Weight Watchers allows up to 49 points a week of splurges, and I have only 11 points remaining!

By the way, the purpose of this party was to reveal the gender of my (second to*) next family member.  My sister is having a GIRL!  I am so excited to be an Aunt to to meet my first niece in January!
* (My brother is getting married in November, so the next family member, technically, is another future aunt.)

I almost forgot TODAY's goal!  Today's challenge is that it is Sunday.  It seems to happen every week, and not that I am complaining, but, I spend many Sundays at home in my kitchen.  I work at my kitchen table, I buy food and put it in my kitchen, and I prepare food for the week in the kitchen.  As such, I eat. As soon as I think to myself, "What shall I do next?" and devilish little voice chimes in and says, "Eat something!"

So today's goal is to write out a little schedule for the day.  When I wonder what to do next, I'll look at my list, pick something, and do that thing.  I will eat, but not until it is time to eat, or I am truly and honestly hungry.

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