Thursday, August 28, 2014

Yesterday: Something Active; Today: Water

Yesterday's goal was pretty non-specific for a reason.  I already missed one exercise goal this week, and I LIKE exercise.  The problem is my stupid job gets in my stupid way a lot.  I have several things to catch up on after vacation, and several things due on September 12.  It is not very far away. 

The pressure adds stress and I just can't seem to tear myself from my desk at lunch time.  In fact, I tend to smell the food of others or hear the microwave humming before I look up from my frenzy and see that it is 12:39.  I do the same thing in the evening and miss classes at the gym.  I have access to a treadmill - several in fact.  I also live on the border of a state park, own a mountain bike, have a Wii, and can pull any number of dusty workout DVD's from my shelf.  You'd think I could do SOMETHING.

That's what I thought too, so I made it my goal.  I DID get up and go to yoga in the morning.  That's something, right?  Well, I hoped to do more, but I guess I'll have to take it.  The real problem is stress, and yoga relieves it.  Mission accomplished...I guess.

Today's goal is to drink more water.  Specifically, to drink a full 24 oz re-usable bottle of water three times, plus water with each meal.  I have been very thirsty lately, and this causes me to eat.  Though I am technically thirsty, like many people, my brain is a little slow on the interpretation of the thirst requests.  Apparently, the body uses Greek for these requests, but the brain only speaks English.  One would think it could pick up a word here and there. 

This goal is inspired by one of the Weight Watchers members at a meeting I recently attended.  It was a "crash" meeting (one I do not normally attend), and little dings kept going off on her phone throughout the meeting. All the other members would say, "Water!" as she would sip from her bottle.  That's one method.  I'm not going to go to that extreme just yet,  but I do need to get rid of this thirst.

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